Waterless Paw Wash 7oz

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Waterless Paw Wash 7oz
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In Pups We Trust - Paw Wash is a safe, all-natural, and non-toxic foaming antibacterial soap made specifically for your pup’s sensitive paws. After a day of romping through the grass or getting muddy at the dog park, this special canine-friendly formula is all you’ll need to leave germs, bacteria, and dirt outside the door, rather than on your furniture and carpet. Developed by a veterinarian to be safe for dogs of all breeds and sizes, you don’t have to worry about your dog licking their paws: the formula is safe for canine grooming and won’t hurt their stomach.



🐾  Great for sanitizing your dog’s paws after a walk.

🌿  All-natural and infused with helpful herbal extracts.

🐶  Lick safe, so you can use it on your dog’s paws worry-free.

 ⚗  Formulated by veterinarians to work well on any dog’s paws.

👍 Cruelty-free, making it a smart and ethical paw cleanser product for your dog.


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Waterless Paw Wash 7oz